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The Tirgu-Mures Photo Club at the Turn of the Millennium

Our Club was founded in 1953, after World War II. The late József Marx, then an enthusiastic young man, became the leader of those who wanted to create something more than snapshots with their cameras. He was lucky enough to have the opportunity of becoming a professional photographer. By this time, his name was already well-know in the trade as he had been a regular participant at photo exhibitions since the 30’s.

He had a significant impact on his circle. More and more young photographers tried their hands, and soon their efforts began to bear fruit. Ever since, our members have been winning awards at national exhibitions, and have even won a name at international shows. The catalogues we have been receiving from all around the world on a regular basis prove that the name of our city is still a trademark in the guild.

However, we have had a lot of difficulties. After ’89, we had to find our place in the market economy. We worked all summer to found a gallery of our own, which was opened on 25 September, 1996; we exhibited an international collection of photos helped by Mayor Imre Fodor. This event opened a new era in the history of the Photo Club. The Gallery is open from April to October; it has offered the Tirgu Mures public the opportunity to see the works of renowned artists and photo clubs from all over the world. We have made a lot of contacts, we have organized many common exhibitions with foreign clubs. Above all, we can offer our members the opportunity of proving their worth on a national as well as on an international level.
This album offers the public to have a look at how our artists see the everyday events of our world on the threshold of the new millennium.

Bálint Zsigmond AFIAP

Balint Zsigmond
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                 Egyed Ufo Zoltan
                 Plajas Istvan
                 Haragos Zoltan
Kerekes Istvan
Torok Gaspar
Kucsera Jeno
Incze Istvan
Szegedi Ferenc
Tamas Andras
Koncz Janos
Kerekes Peter Pal
Palosi Ferenc
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